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Local religious group in the Philippines, marks 100 years since it was founded.

Touch of creativity and innovation, out came a uniquely Filipino religious group… a true product of Filipino’s ingenuity!

Felix Manalo - Founder of INK
Founded out of his natural resourcefulness
and creativity

Church (Tatag) Founded
by Christ in 33A.D.

Church (Tatag) Founded
by Felix Manalo in 1914

PASUGO Setyembre 1940, p. 1:

“Dapat malaman ng lahat, ayon sa Bagong Tipan, ang tunay na INK ay si Cristo ang nagtatag nito."

PASUGO Agosto-Setyembre 1964, p. 5:

“Kailan napatala sa Pamahalaan o narehistro ang INK sa Pilipinas? Noong Hulyo 27, 1914. Tunay nga na sinasabi sa rehistro na si Kapatid na F. Manalo ang nagtatag ng INK."

PASUGO July August 1988 pp. 6:

“Even secular history shows a direct time link between the Catholic Church and the Apostles, leading to the conclusion that the true Church of Christ is the Catholic Church.”

PASUGO Mayo 1952, p. 4:

“Kung ang babalingan ng pag-uusapan ay ang nagtatag, dapat na siya ang may-ari ng itinatag, at sa kanya rin manggagaling ang mga aral at turo na ipinatutupad."

PASUGO May 1961, p.4:

“At sino nga ba ang gumagawa ng mga leksiyong itinuturo ng mga ministro, maging sa mga pagsamba, mga doktrina o mga Propaganda?  Ang Kapatid na Felix Manalo.”

PASUGO Mayo 1963, p. 27:

“Kaya’t sa katuparan ng hula, ang lahat ng mga itinuturo ng mga Ministro ng INK sa mga pagsamba, sa mga doktrina, sa mga pamamahayag sa gitna ng baya, ay si Kapatid na Felix Manalo lamang ang bumabalangkas at nagtuturo sa kanila.”

PASUGO Nobyembre 1940, p. 23:

“Iisa lamang ang tanging makapagtatayo ng Iglesiang magiging dapat sa Dios. Kung sino-- ang ating Panginoong Jesu-Cristo lamang! Sino mang tao-- maging marunong o mangmang, maging dakila o hamak-- ay walang karapatang magtayo ng Iglesia"

PASUGO Mayo 1968, p. 7:

“Ang tunay na INK ay iisa lamang. Ito ang Iglesiyang itinayo ni Cristo. Kung mayroon mang nagsisibangon ngayong mga Iglesia at sasabihing sila man ay Iglesia ni Cristo rin, ang mga ito ay hindi tunay na Iglesia ni Cristo kundi huwad lamang."

The Catholic Church, outlasting oppressive Governments since 33 AD

100 years

TCP would like to express hearty congratulations to all INC-M members who celebrate their centennial celebration today.


  1. Crap! Not even a cover of the Pasugo is presented. Quotes from the said magazine is unreal and unreliable unless a print from the magazine itself is presented.

  2. What a brain! Well, who is the member of INC-M here? Obviously not me. it is easy to say unreal and accuse to be unreliable, but the burden of proof is yours. I already put what i saw written in your pasugo magazine, now it's your turn to show evidence that these are not really what author/s wrote by providing copies you have.(i assume you have it because that's your official mag) or Ask your central to give you a copies. :-)

  3. Sorry, I just don't know where to ask. I want to learn more about sedevacantism. I came across a sedevacantist on the internet for the first time and I found his arguments quite convincing. I don't want to believe that Pope Francis and the popes since Vatican II are not true popes, but I can't just base my beliefs on my emotions. I hope you could help me. Thanks!

    1. this link will help you ^_^

      too busy now but i'll get back on you. May God bless you Franz Christian

    2. Thank you po! I look forward to your answers. :)

  4. hindi iglesia ni manalo ang ipinangaral ni kapatid na felix, kundi iglesia ni cristo. hindi rin siya nagtatag ng organisasyon kundi mga lokal o dako na doon nila isasagwa ang pagsamba sapagkat may kapilya. kahit sa rehistro, ay hindi iglesia ni manalo ang ipina rehistro niya kundi iglesia ni cristo, kahit sa lahat ng mga transaksiyon pagka ang tanong sa mga dokumento na sasagutan tungkol sa owner, ang sagot ay iglesia ni cristo. pero ang katoliko ay maliwanag na nakasulat sa katesismo na ang puno nila ang papa nila sa roma at ang ang katoliko ay natatag lang noong 1870 sa konsilyo ng batikano ayon sa aklat nila na discourses on the apostles creed...ginagamit nila ang pasugo ng inc pero pinuputol nila para linlangin ang mga nagbabasa at papaniwalain sa ibinigay nilang pansariling interpretasyon. di sila ang dapat mag interpret ng pasugo dahil sa hindi naman sila ang sumulat noon kaya hindi nila kaisipan ang nilalaman, kundi ang kaisaipan nila ay laban sa sumulat na pasugo kaya pinipilit nila na gawan ng paraan na maisunod sa gusto nila ang nilalaman ng pasugo. ang dapat magpaliwanag ng pasugo ay ang may akda o ang awtoridad sa organisasyon ukol sa pasugo...

    1. Are you saying that the name 'John' that I saw in the bible is the same 'John' that I know today? because this is what your mind is leading to. Common sense! The churches of Christ mentioned in the bible (take note 'churches' not 'church') is not the same church that Felix Manalo founded here in the philippines. Christ already warned us that in the last day many FALSE PROPHET will come and will deceived many IN FACT even Satan will disguise as ANGEL OF LIGHT. read that from the bible!

      Name of true Church? Oh dear don't be fool by Name Game strategy... Read my article about that :) It is common for INcM members to be fooled by INcM Ministers whose job is to deceive people... they keep on saying that they were the true Church, well not only INcM claimed that... most cult did just to gain personal benefits at the expense of other. THINK AND USE YOUR BRAIN! IT IS FREE :)_

      Pasugo? Go and complaint to your central why your official magazine exposed that your church was truly founded by Felix Manalo :)

  5. The only good thing a Catholic Apologist can do is APOLOGIZED to all the catholics and mankind for all the atrocities,rape, and murders that the catholic chuch have committed during the inquisition.Your pope already did apologized for al the bloodshed during those guys must follow this too. Inquisition may have been forgotten by many. INQUISITION IS MADE BY THE PAPACY. Iquisition is defenitely not FROM is the work of the DEvil.

    1. yeah sure, but what about the atrocities did by your Founder? (Felix Manalo) who according to court is a MAN OF LOW MORAL and guilty of Rape? a person who take advantage to his female members?

      INcM IS DEFINITELY NOT A CHURCH FOUNDED BY CHRIST, it is a group founded by Felix here in the Philippines... like what the bible says... in the last days many FALSE PROPHETS will come and deceive many.....

    2. Have you even researched or studied the History of Inquisition before babbling? before condemning it as work of the devil?

      The reason for it, the instructions of the Pope "not to extract blood or disable limbs", the difference of Spanish Inquisition and the Inquisition of other Protestant church eg. Anglican?

      You'll find the Church inquisition much more benign, more justifiable, more humane in treatment than any inquisition of Heretical churches.

      Do research first for the salvation of your soul. Dont believe the Black Legend!


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