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INC-1914 Central Doctrines, Are they original?

by c.pio

JasonINC: Umalis ka na dyan sa iyong Satanistang Simbahan (ang iglesia katolika romana), ang biblia ay nang hula pantungkol sa kapatid na Felix; ang tunay na sugo ng dios, ang mga doktrina ay tunay na galing kay Kristo. Huwag mo ng protektahan ang iyong Pope… ang Pope sa roma ay isang diablo. Umalis ka na dyan habang may panahon pa kaibigan… (Get out from your Satanic Church (the Roman Catholic Church), Bible prophesies speaks about Brother Felix; the true messenger of God, doctrines are truly from Christ. Don’t protect your Pope… Pope in Rome is a devil. Get out while there is still a time my friend….)

@ JasonINC thank you for showing your concern to me. Jason this comment of you only shows how INC-1914 deceives you. Felix’s central doctrines were not original to him nor these came to Christ, he copied it to other quasi-Christian Sect, mixed and blend then voila new doctrines emerge.

Jason, allow me to show to you where Mr. Felix got his central doctrines:
(a) God’s Messenger Story
(b) Great or Total Apostasy
(c) The ‘1914 Event’
(d) The Messenger of God
(e) The Church Name: Church of Christ

These five were first introduced not by your Sugo to the theistic world; long before he founded his own church, there were two persons who preached these to the public: Joseph Smith founder of Mormonism in 1830 and Charles Taze Russell of Jehova’s Witness in 1876 both these are Americans.

(A) God’s Messenger Story?

In November 1913, Brother Felix locked himself in his dimly lit room and began poring over all the religious literature he had accumulated. For three days and three nights, he immersed himself in an intensive study and reflection of the doctrines of various churches and compared their beliefs with the Bible. His exhaustive study of religions and the Bible led him to the conclusion that none of the existing churches then remained faithful with the biblical truth. Therefore, none of them is the true religion. His meditations assured him that God was commissioning him to preach the true Church of Christ. (God's Message [Iglesia ni Cristo publication], Jul-Sep 1994, p.11-12.)

Compare this to the story of Joseph Smith founder of Mormon (The Church of Christ of the Latter-day Saints).


Joseph Smith Founder of Mormonism
If the boy next door told us he was called by God to restore His true church on earth, would we believe him? Probably not. Neither did many people in Nazareth believe their neighbor, Jesus Christ the carpenter, was the Messiah.
After centuries of spiritual confusion people were in desperate need of Jesus Christ’s original truths. When God selected a 14-year-old boy in 1820 as His messenger, most people refused to listen.
Joseph had to decide which of the many Christian denominations to join. After careful study, Joseph Smith still felt confused as to which Christian church he should join. He later wrote, “So great were the confusion and strife among the different denominations, that it was impossible for a person young as I was . . . to come to any certain conclusion who was right and who was wrong. . . . In the midst of this war of words and tumult of opinions, I often said to myself: What is to be done? Who of all these parties are right; or, are they all wrong together? If any one of them be right, which is it, and how shall I know it?” (Joseph Smith—History 1:8, 10).
He turned to the Bible for guidance. He read, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him” (James 1:5). With simple faith he decided to do just that. In the spring of 1820 he went to a nearby grove of trees and knelt in prayer. He described his experience: “I saw a pillar of light exactly over my head, above the brightness of the sun, which descended gradually until it fell upon me. . . When the light rested upon me I saw two Personages, whose brightness and glory defy all description, standing above me in the air. One of them spake unto me, calling me by name and said, pointing to the other—This is My Beloved Son. Hear Him!” (Joseph Smith—History 1:16–17). This vision marked the beginning of the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ to the earth, which God authorized to be established 10-years later by a wiser, heaven-tutored Joseph Smith, once again allowing everyone to receive the joy and blessings that come from living it. (excerpt from God Restored Christ’s Church through Joseph Smith Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Note : Both stories deal with same plot (1) There was an event of confusion due to many religions (2) there was a period of discernment and (3) God commissioned to restore the Church of Christ. 93 years prior to Felix, Joseph Smith already preaching this story.

(B) Great or Total Apostasy?

When individuals or groups of people turn away from the principles of the gospel, they are in a state of apostasy. One example is the Great Apostasy, which occurred after the Savior established His Church. After the deaths of the Savior and His Apostles, men corrupted the principles of the gospel and made unauthorized changes in Church organization and priesthood ordinances. Because of this widespread apostasy, the Lord withdrew the authority of the priesthood from the earth. This apostasy lasted until Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son appeared to Joseph Smith in 1820 and initiated the restoration of the fulness of the gospel. (Official Web site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

          The Great Falling Away
Regardless of the valiant efforts of Christ’s apostles and their faithful followers, the original church that Christ restored began to fade away. Members faced severe persecution and all but one of the apostles were martyred. This is a period called the Great Apostasy, when there was a “falling away” (2 Thessalonians 2:1-3) from the gospel Christ organized. The apostolic authority to bestow priesthood keys and to receive revelation for the Church was lost along with many precious teachings. Errors about His teachings crept into the church resulting in conflicting opinions and lost truths. This period is what we call the Great Apostasy. (excerpt from God Restored Christ’s Church through Joseph Smith Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Then compare this to Mr. Felix’s Doctrines on Apostasy

LESSON NO. 5 - History of the Church built by Christ in the first century. Summary: The Church built by Christ during the first century was apostatized (Acts 20:29). This was led away by false prophets which arose in the Church after the time of the Apostles (Mt.24:11 RSV), and those who remained firm in the faith were slain by ravenous wolves (Mt.7:15). The fulfillment of the prophesied false teachers who will lead the Church away are the Catholic priests. They introduced false teachings (1 Tim.4:1,3) into the Church until the Church became the Catholic Church--a church essentially different from the Church of Christ as described in the Bible. (Fundamental Beliefs of the Iglesia ni Cristo, Erano G. Manalo (1989), p.16.)

Apostasy prophesied
Preaching to His disciples, our Lord Jesus Christ forewarned of an apostasy or falling away which would be perpetrated by false prophets…
From these prophetic warnings, it is clear that there was an impending danger facing the Church during those times. A "great apostasy" would come; false prophets would arise also from within the Church to lead the believers away from the true Christian faith by infusing lies and false teachings in the Church. In fact, the seeds of apostasy had already begun to sprout by then.
Hence, it would be after the death of the apostles that the "work of iniquity" or the apostasy would ensue and go unabated. It would be when the administration of the Church fell into the hands of the false teachers who took over after the death of the apostles that the Church would begin to gradually drift away from the true Christian faith. (excerpt from The Church After the time of the Apostles (Fourth of six parts) By Marlex C. Cantor (

(C) The ‘1914 Event’?

Charles Taze Rusell - Founder of JW
Just as Jesus predicted, his “presence” as heavenly King has been marked by dramatic world developments—war, famine, earthquakes, pestilences. (Matthew 24:3-8; Luke 21:11) Such developments bear powerful testimony to the fact that 1914 indeed marked the birth of God’s heavenly Kingdom and the beginning of “the last days” of this present wicked system of things.—2 Timothy 3:1-5. (1914—A Significant Year in Bible Prophecy -

"Under the guidance of God's spirit of freedom the magazine today known as The Watchtower but known back there as Zion's Watch Tower, began to be published in July, 1879. In the first year of its publication it pointed to the date 1914 as marked in the Bible." (What Has Religion Done For Mankind? (1951) p.308)

“Since long before World War I Jehovah's witnesses pointed to 1914 as the time for this great event to occur." (Watchtower 1954 Jun 15 p.370)

"For over thirty years before that date and for half a century since, Jehovah's witnesses have pointed to the year 1914 as the time for the end of "the appointed times of the nations" and the time in which Christ would begin his Kingdom rule. (Luke 21:24)" (Watchtower 1966 Feb 15 p.103)

"As far back as 1876, Jehovah's Witnesses realized that Bible prophecy marked the year 1914 C.E. as a time when major events would take place that would have far-reaching effects on human affairs. They gave the reason for this fact wide publicity." (True Peace And Security (1986) p.70)

"The Watchtower has consistently presented evidence that Jesus' presence in heavenly Kingdom power began in 1914. Events since that year testify to Jesus' presence. Jehovah's Witnesses have consistently shown from the Scriptures that the year 1914 marked the beginning of this world's time of the end and that "the day of judgment and of destruction of the ungodly men" has drawn near." (Watchtower 1993 January 15 pp.5,9)

But Mr. Felix’s doctrine claims that it was INC who seen this big/dramatic event

Felix Manalo
According to Christ, the time "ends of the earth" or when the end of the world is near, would be heralded by a series of events, beginning with a well publicized war. The fulfillment of this conflict is none other than the First World War which broke out on July 27, 1914…

The only Church in our times in which these prophecies have been fulfilled is none other than the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ), that emerged in the Philippines—which is in the region known as the Far East, and was officially registered on July 27, 1914, prophetically coinciding with the outbreak of World War I. The Iglesia ni Cristo had its first worship service in the West on July 27, 1968 in Ewa, Hawaii, and is now firmly en­trenched in many countries and ter­ritories all over the world. (True Church & False Ones by Donald H. Pinnock)

Although the 1914 event for Jehova’s Witness refers to Christ enthronement in heaven; Felix made a new twist by combining it with Mormon’s point on Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ to the Earth.

(D) The last Messenger of God?

The last messenger of God.
A true messenger of God has biblical testimony or prophecy to prove their commission or divine authority.
John the Baptist proved his authenticity as God's messenger by citing the Bible prophecy and by fulfilling the work as prophesied
The Iglesia Ni Cristo upholds that the fulfillment of the prophesied messenger is Brother Felix Y. Manalo, the man who began preaching the Iglesia Ni Cristo in the Philippines.
Brother Felix Y. Manalo, who began preaching the Iglesia Ni Cristo, proved to be the fulfillment of the bird of prey… this man would later be known as the messenger of God who was instrumental in the reemergence of the true Church of Christ in our time. (

God’s persistence in sending messengers is proven by the list of men whom He commissioned to preach His words from different dispensations of time? Noah in the era of the patriarchs, Moses and the prophets of Israel, the Lord Jesus Christ and His Apostles at the beginning of the Christian dispensation, and Brother Felix Y. Manalo in these last days, to name a few. God did this because, "he had pity on his people and on his swelling place (II Cron. 36:15,ibid.)(Pasugo, May/June 1990, p.5.)

Then again, from doctrine of Mormons

If the boy next door told us he was called by God to restore His true church on earth, would we believe him? Probably not. Neither did many people in Nazareth believe their neighbor, Jesus Christ the carpenter, was the Messiah.
After centuries of spiritual confusion people were in desperate need of Jesus Christ’s original truths. When God selected a 14-year-old boy in 1820 as His messenger, most people refused to listen… One of them spake unto me, calling me by name and said, pointing to the other—This is My Beloved Son. Hear Him!” (Joseph Smith—History 1:16–17). This vision marked the beginning of the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ to the earth, which God authorized to be established 10-years later by a wiser, heaven-tutored Joseph Smith, once again allowing everyone to receive the joy and blessings that come from living it. (excerpt from God Restored Christ’s Church through Joseph Smith Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

(E) The Church Name: Church of Christ?
Mormon - 1830

In such wise did the Lord confirm as an authoritative bestowal, the name which, through inspiration, had been assumed by His obedient children, The Church of Jesus Christ. The Lord's explanation as to the one and only Name by which the Church could be appropriately known is cogent and convincing. It was not the church of Lehi or Nephi, of Mosiah or Alma, of Samuel or Helaman; else it should have been called by the name of the man whose church it was, even as today there are churches named after men; but being the Church established by Jesus Christ, it could properly bear none other name than His.” (Jesus the Christ, 1973 edition p. 737)

In June, 1829, the Lord gave us the name by which we must call the church, being the same as He gave the Nephites. We obeyed His commandment, and called it The Church of Christ until 1834, when, through the influence of Sydney Rigdon, the name of the church was changed to The Church of the Latter Day Saints, dropping out the name of Christ entirely**.” (An Address to Believers In Christ, Witmer, p. 73). **(On April 6, 1830 church founded on the Name Church of Christ and on April 26, 1836 they change it to the present named: The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints)


LESSON NO. 7 - The Origin of other Churches. Summary: We should not be surprised at the number of churches today that are not of Christ. It is not Christ who established them but the enemy or the devil (Mt.13:24-30,36-39 NKJV). These churches that do not belong to Christ are the Catholic Church and her offsprings, the various Protestant denominations and sects. We should not be deceived. Only one Church belongs to Christ, the Church of Christ. (Fundamental Beliefs of the Iglesia ni Cristo, Erano G. Manalo,1989,p.28.)

Jason as laid above, when Felix founded his own church, our nation was still under the help of American Government, and from this period (spanning from 1898 to 1946) all American religions (like what I have said in the beginning of my response, Jehova’s Witnesses and Mormonism are founded by Americans) started propagating their doctrines here in the Philippines, it is therefore with these, Mr. Felix heard and fascinated to their doctrines and started adopting it.

By the way, even the treatment of his doctrines on Christ’s Nature was not a Mohammedan (he knew Islam, for Muslim, Christ is not “God” not even a “Messiah” but only a simple “Prophet”), he copied the Jehova’s Witnesses’ stand on Christ personhood; like JW according to him Christ is not God but only a ‘Messiah’ (a good sample is how he deal with Jn.1:1 same preposition used by JW)

 Mr. Felix sing a same song with Mr. Smith

Jehova's Witness - 1876 / Mormonism - 1830 / Iglesia Ni Cristo - 1914


  1. The Watchtower first published in 1879 had the slogan: advertise,advertise,advertise the King and his (1914) Kingdom.

    Jehovah Witnesses are a spin-off of the second Adventist which all came from the Millerite movement. American war of 1812 army captain William Miller is ground zero for Jehovah's Witnesses. Yes,the "great disappointment" of Oct 22 1844 has never died out... it lives on in the Seventh day Adventist (who admit it) and the Jehovah's Witnesses who deny it. The central CORE doctrine of the Watchtower,yes the reason the Watchtower came into existence was to declare Jesus second coming in 1914. When the prophecy (derived from William Miller of 1842) failed they said that he came "invisibly". Ergo,no 1914 foundation then there can be no 1918 inspection and sealing of the 'anointed' GB so the entire Watchtower Bible and Tract Society doctrinal superstructure comes crashing down like a house of cards.
    -- Danny Haszard FMI

  2. Gracciannah L Fernandez

    i understand what is apostacy means after reading this.

  3. Brilliantly researched... can I post this in my blog please?

  4. sure bro :)

    by the way I read one article of you addressing same topic and believe or not I wanted to approach you to post it here. lol

    God bless.

  5. Actually, there were no Jehovah's Witnesses before 1914, so there were no Jehovah's Witnesses that could have been proclaiming anything before 1914. Charles Taze Russell did not believe in such an authoritarian organization, nor was Russell expecting the return of Jesus in 1914. Thus, the quotes from the JWs' Watchtower to the effect that the Jehovah's Witnesses were preaching this or that before 1914 are in error, since the Bible Students, as a whole, represented by the majority, rejected Rutherford's new organization, which Rutherford, in 1931, named "Jehovah's Witnesses". In other words, the Bible Students who had been living before 1914, as a whole (represented by the majority), never became "Jehovah's Witnesses."

    The JWs' Watchtower is error in another respect; those Bible Students associated with Russell's Watch Tower before 1914 were not expecting Christ's parousia to begin in 1914. Russell believed that Christ had already returned in 1874, and he held to this belief until he died in 1916. Neither he, nor his associates, were expecting Christ to return in 1914.

    From 1904 to 1914 Russell had been expecting the rule of Jesus to begin to be extended to nations, which he expected would cause the time of trouble. Russell did not believe in an Armageddon (as the JWs teach) that is to wipe the earth of all unbelievers; he believed that Armageddon was to chastise -- not eternally destroy -- the peoples of all nations. Russell died in 1916 still with the belief that the time of trouble had begun in 1914.

    Russell's Watch Tower did not come into existence "to declare Jesus second coming in 1914," as one has claimed. No one, at least not amongst those associated with Russell, before 1914, was expecting Jesus' second coming in 1914. Russell's Watch Tower was certainly claiming such.

    The statement presented in one of the comments, "When the prophecy (derived from William Miller of 1842) failed they said that he came 'invisibly'", is in error on several counts.

    The only prophecies that Russell presented was from the Bible; he disclaimed being a prophet, and never gave any prophecies, but he did give his conclusions and expectations, as a Bible student, concerning those prophecies. Whether he was correct or not correct in his expectations would not at all prove the Bible prophecies to a failure. Russell admitted that his own conclusions could be in error, but he did not admit such for the Bible prophecies that he was discussing.

    Please note that others have made many claims for Russell -- he was a prophet, he was the 7th and last messenger, etc. -- that Russell never made of himself, but often the claims of others have been presented as being the claims of Russell himself.

    As far as I have been able to determine, William Miller never presented anything about 1914.

    Nevertheless, since no one was expecting Christ to return in 1914, the idea someone changed this to an invisible return because of such an alleged failure is non sequitur. Russell, in 1876, accepted Barbour's conclusions that Christ had returned in 1874; Russell died in 1916 still holding to that belief that Christ had returned in 1874. His earlier belief concerning 1914 was also adopted from Barbour, and thus his earlier thought was that the time of trouble was to end, not begin, in 1914. In 1904, Russell reversed this conclusion, and came to realize that the prophecies indicate that the time of trouble was to begin, not end, in 1914.

    All of the above points are documented at:

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  7. Try to copy first the text. then save it to microsoft word.

    then paste it to your blog.

  8. Pinost ko na po.. thanks

  9. Since my Tita is an active member of JW, I frequently read 1914 in their publications and books. The assertion of Manalistas on the "wakas ng mga lupa" is not far away from JWs 1914 fabrications. Poor Manalo, no sense of originality.


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