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Building a new primitive society

“Are you still a virgin?”

Duh! that is an antiquated Maria Clara era question, the trending question now is 

“Do you spit or swallow?”  

Building a new primitive society by c.pio - a blog entry for July 2013 Blogging Event of Filipinos for Life.

Start with Sexual Indoctrination...

Children can gain a sense of ownership about their bodies when they give themselves sexual pleasure. [ Tips for Talking with Kids About Masturbation Melanie Davis, EdD]

Forget the things such as self-control and delayed gratification, just give in to whatever craving you experience, forget all this business about right and wrong – just go for it, all one needs is condom.1 Creating a framework that they can do whatever feels good so long as mutual consent is granted and no third parties are affected - protruding sex a casual activity for all, Mr. Bill Muehlenberg says a [P]erfect advice for wild dogs and mountain goats.

From screaming Sexual nasty billboard to the beat of Sexually explicit music rhythm, all are busy using Media in reshaping our cultural landscape, normalize early sexual experimentation, restructuring and redefining the basic unit of society according to the norm of Safe Sex. 

Research after research shows that teens are twice as likely to have sex or engage in sexual acts if they see similar behavior in the media.2 Exposure to sexual content in the media according to new study is responsible for earlier onset of sexual intercourse or other sexual activities:

Results. Multivariate regression analysis indicated that adolescents who viewed more sexual content at baseline were more likely to initiate intercourse and progress to more advanced noncoital sexual activities during the subsequent year,[…] Exposure to TV that included only talk about sex was associated with the same risks as exposure to TV that depicted sexual behavior.
[Collins RL, Elliott MN, Berry SH, et al. Watching sex on television predicts adolescent initiation of sexual behavior. Pediatrics.2004;114(3)]

The same result found in Sexy media matter: exposure to sexual content in music, movies, television, and magazine predicts black and white adolescents’ sexual behavior by Brown JD, L’Engle KL, Pardun CJ, Guo G, Kenneavy K, Jackson C. 

and on  

Exposure to Sexual Lyrics and Sexual Experience Among Urban Adolescents: Brian A. Primack, MD, EdM, MS, Erika L. Douglas, MS, Michael J. Fine, MD, MSc, Madeline A. Dalton, PhD:

In summary, adolescents are heavily exposed to lyrics describing degrading sex in popular music, and this exposure is associated with early sexual experience among them in an urban population of youth at high risk for risky sexual behavior.

Background: The purpose of this study was to determine if exposure to lyrics describing degrading sex in popular music is independently associated with sexual behavior in a cohort of urban adolescents.

Methods: All ninth-grade health students at three large urban high schools completed in-school surveys in 2006 and 2007. Participants’ exposure to lyrics describing degrading sex was computed with overall music exposure and content analyses of their favorite artists’ songs. Outcomes included sexual intercourse and progression along a noncoital sexual continuum. Multivariable regression was used to assess independent associations between exposure to lyrics describing degrading sex and outcomes.

Results: The 711 participants were exposed to 14.7 hours each week of songs with lyrics describing degrading sex (SD_17.0). Almost one third of participants (n_216) had previously been sexually active. Compared to those with the least exposure to lyrics describing degrading sex, those with the most exposure were more than twice as likely to have had sexual intercourse (OR_2.07; 95% CI_1.26, 3.41), even after adjusting for all covariates. Similarly, among those who had not had sexual intercourse, those in the highest tertile of exposure to lyrics describing degrading sex were nearly twice as likely to have progressed along a noncoital sexual continuum (OR_1.88; 95% CI_1.23, 2.88) compared to those in the lowest tertile. Finally, the relationships between exposure to lyrics describing nondegrading sex and sexual outcomes were not significant.

Conclusions: This study supports an association between exposure to lyrics describing degrading sex in popular music and early sexual experience among adolescents.

But it does not end here… our youth (our future leader) cannot find a safer haven against sexual indoctrination – recently, some carried it thru education… welcome to a Comprehensive Sex Education design for young Filipino children a deceiving approach of “Stay pure but if you can’t control, have sex as long as condom is used”. In short, instead of offering an answer, it adds to the problem:

Statistically Significant Results: Only the abstinence intervention significantly reduced sexual initiation, when compared with the control group (32.6% that had received the abstinence intervention initiated sex vs. 51.8% that received “safer sex” and 41.8% that received “comprehensive” sex education.) 46.6% of the control group initiated sex.

The author cites the value of a single focused abstinence approach for encouraging sexual delay, as opposed to a mixed “comprehensive” message. (AP article 2/2/10: “Jemmott said the single focus may have been better at encouraging abstinence than the other approaches in his study. ‘The message was not mixed with any other messages,’ said Jemmott.) [Jemmott, J. B., Jemmott L. S.,Fong G. T. (2010). Efficacy of a theory-based abstinence-only intervention over 24 months. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2010;164(2):152-159.]

Abstinence only” approach is clearly had a greater impact on delaying sexual initiation than on increasing birth control [Kirby, D., Barth, R. P., Leland, N., & Fetro, J. V. (1991). Reducing the Risk: Impact of a new curriculum on sexual risk-taking. Family Planning Perspectives, 23(6), 253-263.]

Taking away the legitimate right of Parents in raising their children; going to a point that no matter how they stress the moral norm of “Abstinence”, youth will cast doubt since they have an alternative options to make sex - safe. Add on it the tendency of inserting sexual perversion provided by homosexuals and liberals adventurists who don’t give any respect to monogamous relationship:

“There is now no doubt […] that we need sex education in schools and that it should include information on heterosexual and homosexual relationships. The lives of our young people depend on our fulfilling our responsibility [C. Everett Koop, MD, ScD:Surgeon General]

As in, if you must recognize sexual activities simply because it is safe and there is mutual consent between parties involve, upon what basis can it deny sexual activities between boy on boy and girl on girl? Upon what basis can it deny sexual activities between a dog and your sister? Sexual expression through experimentation can go beyond imagination! A 12 year old youth engaging with Friends-with-benefits or on one-night-stand will be a normal daily activities; swapping, downloading of personal homemade sex video will be a daily routine... man's body is nothing but a mere object for fun - nothing is unusual.

The sad thing is There is no condom for the heart - the psychological issues will started to flow from within and creating a self emptiness:

The emotional side effects of premarital sex are also damaging to a young woman. One of the most common consequences of teenage sexual activity is depression. Girls who are sexually active are more than three times as likely to be depressed as girls who are abstinent.[7] In fact, the condition has become so predictable that the American Journal of Preventive Medicine recommends to doctors: “[Girls who are engaging in] sexual intercourse should be screened for depression, and provided with anticipatory guidance about the mental health risks of these behaviors.”[8] Even if a girl experiments with sex once, research shows an increased risk of depression.[9] Also, consider the fact that the rate of suicide attempts for sexually active girls (aged twelve to sixteen) is six times higher than the rate for virgins.[10]3

          [7]. Robert E. Rector, et al., “Sexually Active Teenagers are More Likely to be Depressed and to Attempt Suicide,” The Heritage Foundation (June 3, 2003) .
[8]. Hallfors, et al., “Which Comes First in Adolescence—Sex and Drugs or Depression?” American Journal of Preventive Medicine 29:3 (October 2005), 169.
[9]. Hallfors, et al., 168; Hallfors, et al., “Adolescent Depression and Suicide Risk: Association with Sex and Drug Behavior,” American Journal of Preventive Medicine 27:3 (October 2004), 224–231; Martha W. Waller, et al., “Gender Differences in Associations Between Depressive Symptoms and Patterns of Substance Use and Risky Sexual Behavior among a Nationally Representative Sample of U.S. Adolescents,” Archives of Women’s Mental Health 9:3 (May 2006), 139–150.
[10]. As reported by D. P. Orr, M. Beiter, G. Ingersoll, “Premature Sexual Activity as an Indicator of Psychological Risk,” Pediatrics 87 (February 1991), 141–147.

Current sociological research overwhelmingly demonstrates "strong correlations between the practices of premarital sex and/or cohabitation and divorce." Some of the more prominent studies:

• As early as 1974 the correlation between premarital sex and divorce was known. Robert Athanasiou and Richard Sarkin. "Premarital sexual behavior and postmarital adjustment," Archives of Sexual Behavior 3 (May 1974).

• A 1991 study suggested a "relatively strong positive relationship between premarital sex and divorce." Joan Kahn and Kathryn London. "Premarital Sex and the Risk of Divorce," Journal of Marriage and the Family 53 (1991):845-55.

• In May 2003, a study concluded that women who had their first sexual experience before marriage with partners other than the man they eventually marry, are about 34% more likely to experience divorce than women who did not. This increased risk is not present with women whose only premarital sex involved the man they married. This study also notes that cohabitation is considered to be "one of the most robust predictors of marital dissolution that has appeared in the literature." Jay Teachmen. "Premarital Sex, Premarital Cohabitation, and the Risk of Subsequent Marital Dissolution Among Women," Journal of Marriage and Family 65 (May 2003).[4]

In the end, Sexual Revolution is shaking our society on its core, setting aside the good Filipino Values when it comes to sex and family to build a new primitive empty society, just like the bonobo monkey in the wild - where a mom cuddle her baby only as a substitute for her desire to have sexual intercourse with him.


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  1. Spit or swallow? A question that will make you punch that person....LOL :)))


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