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I love history. I was fascinated how Archeologist find a piece of artifacts, joined them together like a jig-saw puzzle and in the end a new revelation of truth will come out that will testify the real thing happened in the past.

by c.pio


The undying litany from all anti-Catholic Cults like IglesianiCristo-1914 INC, Jehova’s Witnesses and Ang Dating Daan of Eli Soriano in accusing Catholic Church from being influenced by ancient pagan cults; all these cults have in common aside from that litany, one style is by showing of photos similar to Ancient Paganisms’ practices and belief followed by pulling verse/s from the bible without citing the entire context and concluded that we adopt it from Pagan World and thus we are guilty of paganism.

In a civil environment, we cannot adjudge any person by comparing him to someone by physical appearance rather than its own identity or merit [“A criminal wearing a black short with a red shade; since you are wearing a black short with a red shade therefore you are also a criminal”]. From an honest mind, this argument is TOTALLY INSANE IF NOT, ILLOGICAL. We call it “Similis hoc ergo propter hoc” fallacy [“Similar to this therefore because of this” argument].

It seems to us that this became their logical precept or a dogmatic norm to discredit our Church. For them any religion, beliefs or practices parallel to ancient pagan religions must be considered untrue, or a false religion.

Another insane precept from same fallacy is so called “Post hoc ergo propter hoc” [“After this therefore because of this” argument]. Anything that was done or believed by ancient culture thousands of years ago and similar to practices of today therefore it derives from that source. [“In ancient pagan world like in India, worshipper used perfumes in religious ceremonies or before attending religious ceremonies therefore any faithful Christian of today and whip a perfume on her clothes before attending Mass must derived from that source and guilty of paganism”]

We cannot imagine how these precepts put them in a weak position once an Atheist attest that the Christianity has no difference with Ancient Pagan world using with same arguments they laid; example, as a Christians they also believe in Angels as mention in the bible [Isaiah 6:2, 6] then if we use this illogical norm and compare it based on description with Pagan Roman God IRIS (goddess of rainbow) “spreading her wings, the goddess took off from earth… under the clouds as she flew”; does Prophet Isaiah guilty of paganism?
Again in [Gen.17:11] “And you shall be circumcised on the flesh of your foreskin, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between Me and you.” The Egyptian Book of the Dead, for example, tells of the sun god Ra performing a
self-circumcision and circumcision was done by Ancient pagan Egyptians before God instructed Jews to perform it, Does our God guilty of pagan corruption?

Of course all answers is no. CORRELATION DOES NOT IMPLY CAUSATION. This is same case with Egypt Giza Pyramid with Aztec Pyramid in Latin America, the theory of borrowing has long been rejected by archaeologist and anthropologist [Giza Pyramid was intended for burial site for Pharaoh while Aztec Pyramid was used for performing rituals; although they have same appearance but they are distinct from one another] Human live in a similar ground (earth) the fact that putting one stone at atop of another make them built a primitive look-a-like building and this is pyramid.

Not only the external similarities, but even dates and days are favorites by Anti-Catholics Cults to play with. The case of Christmas Day - December 25 according to their nightmare is a pagan origin, the feast of the son of Isis was taken from Ancient Babylon. Even if the date coincide with pagan religion, this doesn’t mean that the similarities are treated as the same; some principle would be as replacement or refutation to show criticism or to provide a non-pagan alternative that rejects the pagan celebration as did by Israelites with their deuteronomic festival which coincide in Canaanite (pagan) festival or the barley harvest festival.[Deut.16:1-8].

There are much more that these Cults’ use to accuse and to show that we are pagans. But the worse of them all that some people or even the accuser failed to notice is his/her EXTREME PAREIDOLIA TENDENCIES! pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant. A TYPE OF ILLUSION OR MISPERCEPTION; but in the case of the enemy of the Church this was stimulated by BIAS, PARTIALITY AND WRONG interpretation plus HATRED.

In the end let us not forget our brothers and sisters in psychiatric ward and pray for them.

Pareidolia - is a type of illusion or misperception involving a vague or obscure
stimulus being perceived as something clear and distinct?

Sample photos taken from

This alarm clock looks like a sad face. (or better yet ask our pareidolia’s friends if they see similarities with their founder J)               


  1. Actually if we all look at the real definition of cult (not the popularized meaning of cult by people now a days) it means "a particular system of religious worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies." and "the object of such devotion." ( which can refer to any religion, not just the ones you mentioned above (you got their names wrong though). For example, this definition can refer to Islam, Catholic, and Lutherans too.

  2. Sorry to say but let me share this definition of “Cult” to you.

    “The word “Cult” may vary: The term is confusing because it is ambiguous – infused with a variety of meaning depending on who uses it – and for which purpose it is used. [] the term “cult” can be used in a THEOLOGICAL and/or a sociological sense.

    Same example I’m going to use given in the same site: So since it rejects changes and adds the essential doctrines of the TRUE CHURCH founded by CHRIST himself (these groups claim to be Christians but they separated themselves from the faith they represent) suffice to say that they are “cult”.


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