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Deception is Satan’s Art; He knows when to attack, where to attack and how to attack.

By c.pio


One of the most celebrated case uses by anti-catholic here in the Philippines especially the IglesiaNiManalo INCorporated is the case of Dr. Jose Rizal. Being a beloved national hero of this country, Filipino pride and identity; all his statement has weight in the heart of all Filipinos.

Reason for all Anti-Catholic group to be delighted to take a selected words and phrases (which are commonly an “out-of-context” text) of him and posited that these were a representation of Rizal as a whole. Classic tales that exploited in the public is the satirical person of Padre Damaso, an immoral parish priest in Noli Me Tangere novel who is rude to Ibarra a man of reason and protagonist in the same book. The portrayal of these two satirical characters is unjustly used by those who know nothing but to maintain their bigotry.

They tend to show that according to Rizal, THE PADRE DAMASO is the Church (Catholic Church) is the real enemy of reasons and real enemy of faith.

This idea is wrong; although we cannot deny that Rizal made harsh statements against the abusive church clerics but these could not imply to the entire Catholic Church.

We know Rizal is a historical icon, so all his sacrifices, knowledge and ideas that he wants to transpire to the generations to come must be treated fairly and squarely, but this will not happen if someone puts-in their personal agenda, agenda that reduce the Rizal as a MAN OF JUSTICE into a man who are moron and has only an anti-clerical and anti-church character.

That’s why we can notice that almost everything that is written and said (by anti-catholic) about him; they never mentioned that this Rizal who created a Padre Damaso is the same Rizal who gave to us a Padre Florentino in his El Felibusterismo novel. (If Padre Damaso speaks as immoral priest, Padre Florentino is a contrast of him). Rizal is Rizal, not a half-Rizal but whole Rizal. The method of “choosing and picking” to show Rizal to others according to one’s own preference is a guile tactics of all bias persons. Bias in a sense that this is an act of depriving Rizal who really he is and depriving Rizal’s real intention; thus, by doing so, they deprive the young mind of a holistic Rizal characters that needed to imitate.

In the end, each victim will no longer have correct thinking. “Non Sequitur” or it does not follow; Even if Rizal wrote and made a statement that against the abusive friars it does not follow that all Catholic Friars/Priests are abusive.  

So in the end whatever phrases they show, this will not work against the True Infallible Church because Rizal is not an anti-Catholic Church.

“YOU CANNOT DENY NA ANG TINULIGSA NI RIZAL AY DOCTRINA NG CATHOLICS AS A WHOLE… NA WALA MAN SA BANAL NA KASULATAN OK… KAYA DAMAY NARIN ANG MABUTI DOON” (you cannot deny that Rizal criticized the catholic doctrine as a whole… which are not found in sacred scriptures ok… that’s why even good are included there…)

This statement was made by IglesiaNiManalo Incorporated Member; He has been misled by his religion. Sample of brainwashed victim. [A humble Mother Teresa who did nothing but to help the poorest of the poor was considered as enemy of Rizal - simply because she is Catholic.]

Let us remember Blessed Mother Teresa and pray for the soul of all who live in Satan’s den.


  1. Santiago Vargas said;

    I am an advocate of Rizal; I found out that the more you study and research about this man, the more you are getting interested, so it will keep you in a runway where you will dig deeply about this last genius polymath renaissance man from malay race.

    If given an opportunity like not worrying about anything but to study and study only I am confident that I can be a polymath renaissance man too like Rizal and study ophthalmology in Germany...huh!. heheh Joke. I have got to work with all my ass just to get my daily bread ..anyway.

    Lately I got this debate with Freemason nuts in my Facebook account, he said that Rizal lived as freemason. I agree but I said that Rizal died as a Catholic and denounced all his freemasonic life. He said that it does not count on how he died but on how he live. I answer him the opposite, it is how he died that counts, it was his death that makes him a hero not how he lived. He can live somewhere in Europe and have a simple life as a doctor but he didn't. He wants to fight for the freedom of his fellow countrymen that leads to his heroic death.

    Rizal, sometimes in his adult life was a free-thinker, he did not live in a dogma of any religion. Maybe that's a requisite to an author like him, like Dumas, Hugo and Tolstoy. To create a realistic balanced moving character in a novel, a writer must set his inner-mind to that person so he can view every perspective side of this characters nature, or in other words the writer must have contained-in with that character. To write better about something, one must have had touched, feel, sense about the subject.

    Rizal chose the medium of writing as an expression of his thoughts unlike Luna and Hidalgo in painting.The gravity of the novels cannot be expressed in a canvas.

    Now, this gullible pea-sized mind INCorporation 1914 ALL Rights Reserved members are using this Padre Damaso Character created by Rizal as a weapon to attack the Catholic Church that leads them into a conclusion that Rizal was an anti-catholic, but what about Father Florentino? This INCorporation 1914 ALL Rights Reserved members are like chihuahua inside the gate barking bravely to the germanshepherd passing by the street. How funny isnt it.

    Anyway, nice article. keep it up men. Defend and keep the Holy Catholic Faith.

  2. thank you.

    May God bless you.

  3. I will ask you a question, Is this Catholic Point Magazine are already published and circulating? I want to subscribe, tel me how. Thank you.

  4. It is only just a plan, Sir :)

    Hoping that one day it will be in public circulation.

    Intended to refute
    Trash, Lies and Brainwashing Magazines use by other cults.

  5. A ok, that would be a very nice idea. I am a layout artist, I've done many published magazines and coffee table books layout and design. I can help you guys with these stuff. Thanks.

  6. I am a Catholic apologist (I was born and raised Catholic, became Protestant, and came back to the Catholic Faith). I am currently taking a class on Rizal at USLS, Bacolod. I will be making a presentation on Rizal and Catholicism. Maybe I can send you a copy of my paper when I am done. My e-mail is gfrancisg@yahoo.com. Send me an e-mail so I can have your e-mail address if you are interested in corresponding.

    1. yeah sure, i have 5 email add, but i use this one c.pio20@yahoo.com for that matter :)

      i have different email for this blog account so i can reduce the risk of putting it on a loaded mode ^_^

  7. Rizal was not attacking the totality if the Catholic Church. Matter of fact, when he was young, he used to spend most of his time inside the church and pray. This was when he was already studying in Ateneo Municipal, when his mother, Teodora Alonzo was arrested with no due process. He was not attacking the religion but he was attacking the people under it esp. the unjust friars who were unfit and unholy.


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